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Basque Country Travel Guide


Basque Flag

The Basque Flag

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This page talks about what to do in the geographical and cultural entity of the Basque Country, as opposed to the Basque Country in the political sense. Read about the various names for the Basque Country.


Cities and Towns in Basque Country

Major cities and towns in Basque Country, in order of 'importance' to the tourist. However, the Basque Country isn't really so much about the cities - after having visited San Sebastian, Bilbao and Guernica, you'd be better off spending the rest of your time visiting the beautiful Basque countryside and missing out the rest of the cities.

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  1. San Sebastian
  2. Bilbao
  3. Guernica
  4. St Jean de Luz
  5. Vitoria
  6. Pamplona
All of these places are in the Spanish Basque Country, apart from St Jean de Luz, which is in France. Read more about French Basque Country. Note that not all citizens of Pamplona would agree that Pamplona is in the Basque Country (in Spain's complex autonomous region systen, it is in Navarra).


Basque Country in a Week

The Basque Country is small, so you can get around it pretty easily. If you have a car, you can drive between each city pretty quickly, but public transport is less strong (particularly the train).

Start off with a day or two in St Jean de Luz. To get by train into Spain, you'll need to go to nearby Hendaye. Take the train to San Sebastian (stay for two days) followed by a bus (no train) to Bilbao (another two days here). Take a day trip to Guernika and then pass the rest of your week exploring the countryside.

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Basque Country Highlights

The rejuvenated Bilbao and its Guggenheim museum, aristocratic San Sebastian, great food and spectacular countryside. Read more about Things to Do in the Basque Country



Events in the Basque Country

Find out about which events take place in the Basque Country: Basque Country Festivals


Basque Country Arrival and Departure

Bilbao has its own international airport, though many people fly in to Zaragoza instead. There are good train and bus connections to Madrid - less good to Barcelona.
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