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Flights to Pamplona for the San Fermin Running of the Bulls

San Fermin Running of the Bulls, Pamplona: How to Get to Pamplona


If you're planning on flying to the Pamplona Running of the Bulls, there are several airports you can choose from.

Pamplona Airport

Pamplona has an airport of its own, but it is only served by internal flights.
    Airlines that Fly to Pamplona Airport
  • Iberia fly from Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Portugalia fly from Lisbon, Portugal.

Vitoria Airport - Pamplona's Nearest International Airport

Since Ryanair stopped flying to Vitoria, there are currently no international flights to Vitoria.

Other Airports Near Pamplona

Other nearby airports include Zaragoza airport and Bilbao airport. A little further away is Santander airport.

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