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Pamplona Camping

Where the campsites are for camping during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona


Where is the nearest campsite to Pamplona?

The nearest campsite to Pamplona is Camping Ezcaba, which is 6km outside of Pamplona. Read more about Camping Ezcaba.

Where else can I go camping near Pamplona?

Ezcaba is by far the closes campsite to Pamplona. The rest are at least 25km out of the center. Always check if the campsite provides transport to the festival and find out how much a taxi will cost. If you are really concerned about transport, consider taking a Pamplona Guided Tour. Note that most of these involve spending time with drunken youths from the US, the UK and Australia, but you can always use the services they provide and then do your own thing when you're actually at the festival.

Other campsites in the area include:

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