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Who was the last person to die at the Pamplona Running of the Bulls?


Question: Who was the last person to die at the Pamplona Running of the Bulls?
Answer: Fifteen people have died at the Pamplona Running of the Bulls since 1922. You can see the full list here Sanfermines:Quince muertes desde 1922(in Spanish)

Daniel Jimeno Romero, who died during the 2009 Pamplona Running of the Bulls, is the most recent person to die during the running of the bulls. Read more about his death here: Man Killed in Bull Run.

Before that, the most recent was Fermín Etxeberría Irañeta, who fell in 2003.

But the highest profile death in recent years, due to the fact he was a foreigner, was that of Matthew Tassio, an American. He was 22.

According to a BBC article on the death of Matthew Tassio:

    "The fighting bull which gored him weighed half a tonne. It hit him in the abdomen, severed a main artery, sliced through his kidney and punctured his liver, before tossing him seven metres (23 feet) in the air."

According to an article on the now-defunct bullrunners.co.uk

    "[Matthew] was woefully unprepared for the bull run, as evidenced by his walking shorts with a sweater wrapped around his waist, probably to ward off the chill night air of the evening before".

His big mistake, continues the bullrunners article, was that he didn't observe "the cardinal rule of the encierro ... If you go down, stay down".

Running with the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona is a very dangerous activity. It is not recommended. But my advice will not stop the hundreds who do it each year. With any luck, reading this page about Matthew Tassio's death will put a few off and will teach those who do run what to look out for.

If you are planning on running with the bulls in Pamplona, first read these articles on the death of Matthew Tassio, as well as these Tips on Running with the Bulls in Pamplona.

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