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Nudist Camps in Spain

Naturist campsites in Spain


Find out about some of the best nudist camps in Spain. All of these nudist campsites are family friendly.

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1. Sierra Natura

Nudism is often associated with beaches. But what if you're more of a mountain person? Then Sierra Natura, in the region of Valencia (close to Denia), is perfect for you. They have both chalets and a camping area.

2. El Portus

A well-equipped nudist camp site (they even have wifi!) close to Cartagena in south-east Spain.

3. El Fonoll

Nudist camp (they also have chalets and caravans for hire as well as the campsite) in Catalonia (about 75km north of Tarragona, or 120km from Barcelona).

4. Cala del Aceite

Cala del Aceite, near Cadiz, is not exclusively nudist, but they have an extensive section for those who wish to go without clothing.

5. Almanat

This Costa del Sol nudist camp near Malaga has both a campsite and bungalows for hire.

6. El Tempo del Sol

A strong emphasis on activities for children at this family nudist campsite near Tarragona.

7. Camping Relax-Nat

Well-equipped family-friendly nudist camp on the Costa Brava.

8. Almanzora

Nudist camp close to Palomares in Almeria.

9. El Zorro

Small nudist camp (space for just 20 tents and caravans) near Almeria. Special prices for groups of eight or more.

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