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Gay Nudist Beaches in Sitges

Where to Find the Gay Nudist Beaches in Sitges, Catalonia


Sitges is famously a 'gay-friendly' resort town, with a number of beaches that cater for gay people to a greater or lesser extent. Most are what would be called 'mixed' beaches, where gay and straight couples hang out together and others are seen as being more exclusively 'gay', where few straight couples go.

There are no regulations enforcing these divisions, it is just the way things have evolved over the years.

Gay Nudist Beaches in Sitges

There is a number of nudist beaches in Sitges.
  • Playa De Las Balmins is the mixed nudist beach in Sitges.
  • There is another gay nudist beach in Sitges at Cala del Home Mort.
  • Clothing is optional at Platja Sant Sebastia and Platja d'Aiguadolc too.

Note that, in theory, any beach in Spain can be a nudist beach. Nudist beaches 'evolve' through precedent. Secluded beaches become nudist beaches as people start to strip off. The other side of this coin is that at, on a very quiet day, it is possible that you may arrive and there are nudists there, but a family enjoying a (clothed) day at the beach. Respect those around you and think before you take your speedos off. Read more about Nudism in Spain: Is It Legal?

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