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ATMs (Cash Machines) in Spain

Withdrawing Money in Spain


Using ATM Cash Machines in Spain

There are plenty of ATMs (cash machines) in Spain and they all take foreign cards. That includes VISA, Cirrus, Citibank and American Express (AmEx).

  • ATM Cash Machine Charges in Spain
    The amount you are charged to withdraw money from a bank in Spain is set by your home bank, so you should check the charges with your bank before you leave. The amount is usually very small (about 1.50FBP/2€/$3), about the same as the commission you would be charged if you were taking the money out of the bank's bureau de change. Unless you are taking very large amounts of money out (say, a couple of thousand euros), the commission will usually stay the same, so it is worth taking out as much as you'll need for a few days. However, taking out large sums of money obviously leaves you susceptible to thieves.
  • ATMs in Spain usually offer you the option to be charged in Euros or your home currency. While it sounds tempting to be charged in your home currency, all this means is that the Spanish bank will choose the exchange rate and fees for you, whereas if you choose to be charged in Euros, your home bank will set the fees and exchange rate. The Spanish bank's offer will invariably be worse than what your home bank will offer - so always choose to be billed in Euros

  • Banks that Don't Charge to Withdraw Money Overseas.
  • In the US State Farm Bank allow you to take money out of overseas ATMs without charging you for the privilege.
  • In the UK Nationwide and Abbey's Zero account do not charge for withdrawing money overseas or for making credit card transactions in a foreign country.
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