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Maps of Spain


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Spain's Airports Map
spain maps

Map of Spain's major airports

Maps of Spain by Data Spain � 2006
A map of Spain showing Spain's airports.


Flights to Spain: Barcelona and the North-East

If you're visiting Barcelona, fly to Barcelona airport. Sounds obvious, but Ryanair calls Girona and Reus (Tarragona on the map above) 'Girona Barcelona' and 'Reus Barcelona', despite the fact it will take you two hours to get to them from Barcelona.

Zaragoza is connected to both Madrid and Barcelona by high-speed train - good if you're doing a circuit, but otherwise stick to Barcelona flights.


Flights to Spain: Andalusia and the South

Malaga is the biggest airport in the south and is responsible for the city's tourism industry.

Malaga airport is well connected to other cities in the area. Only stay in Malaga if you have a particular reason to visit Malaga. There are far more interesting places in Andalusia to occupy your time. Read more about my list of the Best Cities in Spain.


Flights to Spain: Madrid and Central Spain

It's a no-brainer here: Madrid has the most flights from the most destinations at the lowest price.


Flights to Spain: San Sebastian, Bilbao and the North

Bilbao is your best bet here. There is a bus every hour from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian if you don't plan on staying in Bilbao.


Flights to Spain: Galicia, Asturias and the North-West

All of the airports in the north-west are small and your choice in airport will depend on where you're flying from or where you plan on going to in Spain.


Flights to Spain: Valencia and the South-East

Valencia is the most interesting city in the area.
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