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Malaga to Alicante by Train and Bus

How to Get from Malaga to Alicante



View of Malaga

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Visiting both Malaga, both coastal cities in Spain, is popular among beach-hopping tourists, but until the new AVE train route in 2014, transport between these two destinations was difficult. But travel time was halved with the new route, now making the trip a lot more realistic. 

Details of how to get from Malaga to Alicante by various forms of transport.

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What's Better: Train or Bus Between Malaga and Alicante? 

The new train route makes this a no-brainer. The train is a lot quicker and might even be cheaper (there are promotional fares all the time) than the bus. However, departures are more frequent on the bus. 

If you're planning your trip a few weeks in advance, you might find a flight to be your best option.

Malaga to Alicante by Train

Travel time between these two cities is now under five hours with the new train route connecting the two cities.

Take note, this is not a direct route. Passengers must change in Cordoba. However, Spanish high-speed trains have a guaranteed arrival and departure time and have organized the transfer point to be quick and easy.

This connecting service leaves on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8.40am from Malaga and at 4pm from Alicante.

Book on Rail Europe or Renfe.com.

Malaga to Alicante by Bus

Buses from Malaga to Alicante cost about 55 euros and takes about 11 hours. Unlike with the train, there are frequent buses from Malaga to Alicante throughout the day.

You can book most bus tickets in Spain online. Just pay with a credit card and print out the e-ticket.

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Malaga to Alicante by Car

The 650km drive from Malaga to Alicante takes about six hours.
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Flights from Malaga to Alicante

There are regular flights from Malaga to Alicante. Flying may prove to be the cheapest way to get to Alicante, especially if booked well in advance.
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