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How to Get from Malaga to Cordoba

Transport in Andalusia by bus, train, car and plane


Cordoba Bridge roman on the Guadalquivir
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Details on how to get from Malaga to Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain.


Malaga to Cordoba by Guided Tour

It is possible to spend a day in Cordoba from Malaga on this guided tour. This tour takes you to the huge mosque (Mezquita), the synagogue, a visit to see the famous courtyard gardens of the city and the Roman bridge. Read more here: Cordoba Guided Tour from Malaga.

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Malaga to Cordoba by Train

The train from Cordoba to Malaga takes about 50 minutes and costs about 45 euros. This is the quickest way to get from Malaga to Cordoba, but also the most expensive.

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Malaga to Cordoba by Bus

There are regular buses throughout the day between Malaga and Cordoba. The journey takes three-and-a-half hours and costs about 13 euros. This is the cheapest option but the journey is too long if you want to do Cordoba as a day trip.

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Malaga to Cordoba by Car

The 160km drive from Malaga to Cordoba takes about one hour and fifty minutes, traveling mainly by the A45 highway.
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Flights from Malaga to Cordoba

There are no flights from Malaga to Cordoba.
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