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Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

Restaurants in Madrid for vegetarians


Spain is known to be a difficult place for vegetarians. Vegetarian dishes in Spain tend to be 'mainly meat' rather than meat free - ham is often used as a garnish. So to be extra careful, you should go to one of these vegetarian restaurants in Madrid.

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1. La Biotika

This vegetarian restaurant is in the Huertas area of Madrid.

Address C/ Amor De Dios 3, 28014 Madrid

2. Viva La Vida

Excellent pay-by-weight buffet. If you're on a tight budget, get a small amount to see how much it is and get a second portion if you're still hungry. So successful they now have two branches (see below).

Address: Costanilla de San Andrés (Plaza de la Paja), 16, 28005, Madrid.

3. El Estragon

A vegetarian restaurant in the same plaza as Viva La Vida.

Address: Plaza de la Paja 10, 28005, Madrid.

4. El Granero De Lavapiés‎

A vegetarian restaurant between the Reina Sofia and Plaza de Lavapies.

Address: C/ Argumosa 10, 28012 Madrid.

5. Al Natural

Not exclusively vegetarian, but at least they understand the concept of a vegetarian dish.

Address Calle Zorrilla, 11

6. Viva La Vida

Second branch of the above restaurant.

Address: c/ Huertas, 57.

7. Yerba Buena

Vegetarian restaurant close to the center of Madrid (near Sol).

Address c/ Bordadores, 3, Madrid.

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