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Madrid de las Austrias

Ten Things to Do in Madrid de las Austrias


Madrid's 'old town', with some of the oldest and most impressive buildings in the city.

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1. Plaza Mayor

Madrid's Plaza Mayor is the city's most ornate plaza. Avoid the overpriced restaurants and take in the fabulous architecture.

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2. El Botin

The oldest restaurant in the world was also Hemingway's favorite in Madrid.

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3. Cathedral

Madrid's cathedral can be found right next to the Royal Palace.

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4. Plaza Oriente

In front of the Royal Palace and behind the opera house is this picturesque plaza, with a number of classy cafes to stop for a coffee or a beer.

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5. Royal Palace

Visit the king's residence, complete with classic art collection.

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6. El Flamenco Vive, Guitar Shops

Visit one of the numerous guitar shops in Madrid de las Austrias and purchase a locally made instrument to learn flamenco on. Stock up on flamenco music and books at El Flamenco Vive.

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7. San Gines Chocolateria

Sample chocolate con churros at the most famous churreria (churros cafe) in the whole of Spain.

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8. Casa da las Torrijas

Torrijas is a sweet bread-based dish, served as a dessert or breakfast, mainly available during Semana Santa (Easter). But in Casa de las Torrijas, you can get it any day of the week.

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9. La Muralla Arabe

The last surviving piece of the old Moorish wall around Madrid.

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10. Medina Mayrit

Take a dip in the Arabic baths, take some Morocco tea in the teteria or sample some North African food in the restaurant.

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