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Madrid Tapas and Snacks

100 Things to Do in Madrid


With the best full meals to be had at lunch time, what are you going to eat in the evening in Madrid? Tapas! If you'd prefer the menu reading to be done by a fluent Spanish speaker, you could check out a Madrid Tapas Tour. Otherwise, try your luck with the places mentioned on this page, all of which are taken from my list of 100 Things to Do in Madrid. The Spanish eat dinner late, so to carry you over until then, I've included a stop for 'merienda' (a 5pm snack) first, followed by the best Madrid tapas bars, rounded off with a stop at Madrid's most famous chocolateria for dessert.

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1. Casa de Torrijas

Torrijas is a dish made from bread, honey, egg, milk and sugar and is served as breakfast, an Easter-time (Semana Santa) treat or, in the case of Casa de Torrijas, a late-afternoon snack (merienda) . Wash it down with a glass of sweet red wine.

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2. Calamare Sandwich at El Brillante

If you can't make it until tapas time, succumb to the hunger pangs with a calamare (squid ring) sandwich at El Brillante. This no-frills eatery is low on flamboyant style but high on quality. Just be sure to try the tapas on this page tomorrow (there's no way you'll be able to do both)

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3. Casa Labra Tapas Bar, Madrid

One of the oldest bars in Madrid, right behind Puerta del Sol. Tuck in to their cod dishes while drinking a small beer or glass of vermut (vermouth).

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4. Tapas Crawl on Cava Baja, Madrid

Madrid's most famous street for tapas is Cava Baja. Tourists are wising up to its existence, which has seen the bars also get smart about putting out English menus. Hopefully this won't mean that the street will become a tourist trap.

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5. Casa Granada Tapas Bar in Madrid

A rooftop bar with good tapas + drink deals. 

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6. El Tigre

Take a deep breath, things are about to get messy! El Tigre is famous (or maybe infamous) in Madrid for its colossal plates of free tapas.

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7. Stop Madrid

Stop Madrid is the classic Madrid tapas bar - wine, cheese and ham are the order of the day here.

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8. San Gines Chocolateria

If you've still got room, finish off with chocolate and churros at Madrid's most famous chocolateria.

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