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Madrid Museums

100 Things to Do in Madrid: Madrid Museums


As part of my collection of the 100 Things to Do in Madrid, I featured a number of museums. On this page you will these ten best Madrid museums. 

The Madrid museums on this page miss out the art museums, which will be featured on a separate page.

1. Cosmocaixa

Madrid's excellent science museum.

Read more about this Madrid museum: Cosmocaixa Madrid 

2. Anden 0

A small but fun (and free) museum looking at the Madrid metro in times gone by.

Read more about this Madrid museum: Anden 0 metro museum

3. Blind museum

A museum about and for the blind (but equally fascinating for those who are not visually impaired).

More on this Madrid museum: Madrid Blind Museum

4. Museo de Telecomunicaciones

Telefonica's museum dedicated to the history of telecommunications.


More: Museo de Telecomunicaciones

5. San Isidro

A museum on the history of Madrid.

Read more: San Isidro Museum, Madrid

6. Archeology Museum

One of the most popular museums in Madrid, near the chic Salamanca district.

Read more on this Madrid museum.

7. National Library

Also houses a book museum.

Read more on this Madrid museum: Madrid National Library

8. Museo de las Americas

Museum about Spain's exploration of the New World.

More: Museo de las Americas

9. Madrid Planetarium

Erm, it's a planetarium. Does what it says on the tin.

More: Madrid Planetarium

10. Naval, Air and Rail Museums

Engineering and transport fanatics will find these interesting.

Read more: Air, Naval and Rail Museums in Madrid

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