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Madrid Events in 2014


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What's On in the Spanish Capital in 2014?
Events in Madrid in 2014

Events in Madrid in 2014

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There's nothing worse than arriving in a city the day after a big party. Leave the museums until tomorrow and head to one of these big events hitting Madrid in 2014. 

January 2014 in Madrid

Madrid is emerging from its Christmas gluttony with, well, more gluttony, as the city's Gastrofestival shatters everyone's attempts at detox January.

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February 2014 in Madrid

See also:

March 2014 in Madrid

  • March 4, 2014
    Event Carnival
    Where? All over Spain. Click on the above link for more details.
    What? It's Carnival time! Spain's two main gay communities, Chueca in Madrid and Sitges near Barcelona , are the stars of the shows here. Cadiz and Tenerife also host famous processions.
  • March 4-16, 2014 (TBC) 
    Event: International Festival of Art for Children
    Where? Madrid  
    Art festival for children. The theatre will be in Spanish, but there is dance and circuses too than non-Spanish speakers will understand.  
  • March 15 until March 19, 2014
    Event Las Fallas
    Where? Valencia. Though Valencia is 200 miles from Madrid, the AVE train means you can get from Madrid to Valencia in just over an hour and a half.
    What? The biggest party in Spain: the third biggest city in the country shuts down for a week for one of the biggest street parties you'll ever see. Xàtiva, Benidorm and Denia also have mini-Fallas festivities. 

    Valencian communities make high-tech papier mache sculptures - sometimes in the shape of traditional figures, sometimes in the shape of famous people like Shrek or George W. Bush. The creations are on display all over the ciy before being burned in one of the many bonfires. This takes place amid much partying! You haven't seen bonfires until you've seen the ones the Valencians light on the last night of Las Fallas. Read more about Las Fallas here: What to Do at Las Fallas.
  • March 13-16, 2014 (TBC)
    Event: Motortec 2014
    Where? Ifema exhibition hall in Madrid.
    What? Motoring trade show
  • March 23, 2014
    Event: Bullfighting season begins.
    Where? Madrid. Other cities will have their first bullfight of the season around this date.
    What? The beginning of the year's bullfights. Fights run every Sunday until October, with extra events throughout the year. Book tickets for bullfights in Madrid or see the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2014.
  • March 24, 2014
    Real Madrid v Barcelona
    Where? Expect to see every bar in the country full of people supporting one side or the other. 
    What? The biggest match in Spanish soccer, known as 'El Clasico' among Spaniards.
  • March 30, 2014
    Where? Las Ventas bullring, Madrid
    What? See a bullfight at Madrid's Las Ventas bullring. Book tickets for bullfights in Madrid.

April 2014 in Madrid

  • April 6, 2014
    Event: Bullfighting in Madrid
    Where? Las Ventas bullring, Madrid.
    What? See one of the regular Sunday bullfights. 
  • April 6, 2014
    Event: Half Marathon
    Where? Madrid. Click on the link for route details.
    What? Half marathon and 5km run in the capital.
  • April 20, 2014
    Event: Bullfighting in Madrid.
    Where? Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.
    What? Regular bullfighting event in Madrid. 
  • April 11-13, 2014 (TBC)
    Event: Folkarria Eco Festi-bal

    Where? Torres de la Alameda, near Madrid  
    What? Folk music festival.  

  • April 13, 2014
     Bullfighting in Madrid.
    Where? Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.
    What? Regular bullfighting event in Madrid. 
  • April 18 - May 3, 2014 (TBC)
    Where? Madrid
    What? festival of 'musical biodiversity’
  • April 21, 2014 
    Lunes de Aguas
    Where? Salamanca 
    What? A curious festival, historically intended to welcome back the prostitutes of the city after their exile during Lent(!) Now it's an excuse to have a picnic and to eat the traditional hornazo meat pie.
  • April 27, 2014
    Bullfighting in Madrid.
    Where? Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.
    What? Regular Sunday bullfighting event in Madrid. Book tickets for bullfights in Madrid or see the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2014


May 2014 in Madrid

  • May 2, 2014
    Event: Dos de Mayo festival
    Where? Around the Plaza Dos de Mayo square in Madrid.
    What? Event in Madrid's trendy Malasaña district to commemorate the 1808 uprising against the French.
  • May 2-11, 2014
    Event: Madrid Open
    What? Major tennis tournament, part of the ATP Masters Series.

Dates for the following events are not confirmed yet. Click on the links for more details.

  • Event: San Isidro Festival and San Isidro bullfighting season
    Where?: Madrid
    What? Daily bullfights should run from around May 9 to June 9, 2014, with the main festival from around May 11 to 15.
  • Event: Fiestas del Cristo
    Where? Colmenar de Oreja, near Madrid.
    What? Five days of bull runs and music.
  • Event: Documenta Madrid
    Where? Madrid.
    What? Documentary film festival. Mainly in Spanish.
  • Event: IPA Beer Festival
    Where? Madrid
  • What? The second IPA beer festival celebrates the emerging international craft beer scene.

June 2014 in Madrid

Dates for some of the following events are not yet confirmed.

  • June 1-2, 2014
    Event Madrid Triathlon 
    Where? Madrid 
    What? Prestigious triathlon event.
  • June 5 - July 28, 2014
    Event PHoto España (the capitalised 'H' is intentional) 
    Where? Madrid 
    What? Spain's biggest photography exhibition.
  • June 7 - 30, 2014 (dates TBC) 
    Event: Suma Flamenca 
    Where? Madrid 
    What? The capital's biggest flamenco festival.


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