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Madrid Royal Palace (Palacio Real) Information

Visiting the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) in Madrid


royal palace madrid

Royal Palace (Palacio Real), Madrid

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Overview of the Royal Palace in Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid (Palacio Real in Spanish) is the official residence of the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, though he doesn't live here himself. Though there has been royal residence of some kind on this spot for one thousand years, the present building dates back to the eighteenth century.

Next to the Royal Palace is Madrid's cathedral. Madrid's cathedral is ever so old - work finished on the building in 1994! No, that isn't a misprint, Madrid really didn't have a completed cathedral until less than two decades ago.

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What can you see at the Royal Palace in Madrid?

The Royal Palace houses a great collection of classical Spanish art from such luminaries as Goya and Velazquez - if you've done Madrid's other great museums such as the Prado and the Thyssen, this should be the next on your list if it's classic art you're after.

Much of the residential area is open to the public, as well as the throne room, hall of mirrors and royal dining room.

Tickets, Free Entry and Guided Tours

Palacio Real Tickets
The cost of entry to the Royal Palace depends on which part you'd like to visit, with prices ranging from 2€ to 11€. There are also some extremely complicated ways of getting in cheaper. For the current prices, see Royal Palace (Palacio Real) Entry

When does the Palace have free entry?
The Royal Palace has free entry on Wednesdays.

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You can also get free entry to the Royal Palace by purchasing the Madrid Card.

Guided Tours of the Royal Palace in Madrid
If paying the full price to enter the Palace, a guided tour is included in your entry fee.

If you plan on taking a wider tour of the whole of Madrid, it is possible to take a tour that combines entry and a guided tour of the Royal Palace with a bus tour of the city.

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