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La Rambla dels Estudis

What to Do on La Rambla dels Estudis


The street known as Las Ramblas (sometimes La Rambla or Les Rambles) is actually a series of streets, each called 'La Rambla de something'). This page is about the section called La Rambla dels Estudis.

You'll know you're on La Rambla els Estudis when you see the bird and pet stalls. The other name for this part of Las Ramblas is Rambla dels Ocells, which means 'Rambla of the Birds' in Catalan.

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What to Do on La Rambla dels Estudis

Most people spend their time on la Rambla dels Estudis explaining to their kids why they can't buy the cute hamsters and terrapins.

Sights here include Teatre Poliorama, a popular theater with some of Barcelona's biggest shows, the robust Església de Betlem church that dominates this part of Las Ramblas and the Palau Moja.

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