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Las Fallas Pictures

Pictures from the Las Fallas Festival in Valencua


Pictures from the Las Fallas festival in Valencia. Unlike many festivals in Spain, which hinge on a single event (throwing tomatoes or running in front of bulls) there is plenty to do at Las Fallas (see Things to Do at Las Fallas Valencia for an idea of what to expect).

Here you will find pictures from the Desperta (the early morning wake-up call), the Mascleta (the noisy audio firework display), the Fallas themselves (the colorful displays), the processions and the Crema (the big bonfire at the end).

Click on a picture for a larger version. There will then be a link to a full gallery of each element of the festival.

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las fallasCrema at Las Fallas, Valencialas fallasLas Fallas Cremalas fallasLas Fallas Mascleta Paradelas fallasMascleta at Las Fallas, Valencia
las fallasLas Fallas Monumentslas fallasLas Fallas MonumentsLas Fallas Processionlas fallasLas Fallas Procession
las fallasDesperta at Las Fallaslas fallasDesperta at Las Fallas
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