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Madrid to Seville by Train, Bus, Car and Flights

How to Get from from the Spanish capital to the jewel of Andalusia


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Details of how to get from Madrid to Seville by various forms of transport.

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Madrid to Seville by Train

The best way to get from Madrid to Seville is by rail. The train takes about 2h30 and costs about 80 euros. This is the quickest way to get from Madrid to Seville, but also the most expensive.

Renfe.es, Spain's official rail website, is a mess and has been described as "like Alice in Wonderland, where nothing seems to be what it really is" by Trip Advisor. Residents of Canada and USA should use Rail Europe instead to have their tickets delivered to their home address. Other citizens should also use the link below to check timetables and then buy tickets in person.
Book Train Tickets in Spain with Rail Europe

Trains from Madrid to Seville depart from Atocha train station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Madrid

Guided Tours of Seville from Madrid

The AVE high-speed train makes it possible to visit Seville as a day trip. But to get the most out of a sole day in one of Spain's best cities, a guided tour will be the most efficient way to experience Seville. Alternatively, you can visit Seville as part of a multi-day tour that starts and (usually) finishes in Madrid:

Madrid to Seville by Bus

There are regular buses throughout the day between Madrid and Seville. The journey takes six hours and costs about 20 euros. This is the cheapest option but the journey is long. Remember to search for 'Sevilla', the Spanish name for Seville.

These tickets are best booked online at Secorbus.es. Alternatively, book in person at the bus station.

Buses from Madrid to Seville depart from Mendez Alvaro bus station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Madrid

Madrid to Seville by Car

The 550km drive from Madrid to Seville takes about 5h30. You will spend most of the journey on the A-5. Consider visiting Merida or Caceres on the way.
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Flights from Madrid to Seville

There are regular flights from Madrid to Seville and they can be very cheap if booked in advance.
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