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Avila Tourist Guide


avila towers

Just some of the 88 towers that guard Avila

Image: Damian Corrigan


A much overlooked city not far from the Spanish capital, some say it beats Toledo for 'prettiest walled city near Madrid'.

You can visit Avila as part of a day trip from Madrid, taking in Segovia at the same time:

Day Trip to Avila and Segovia from Madrid

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Best Time to Visit Avila:

On Fridays there is an outdoor market in Plaza del Mercado Chico.

Three Things to Do in Avila:

  • Walk along Avila's city walls between Puerta del Carmen and Puerta de los Leales.
  • Explore the many archways and turrets that once protected the city.
  • Visit the Convento de Santa Teresa, which (somewhat grotesquely) includes Teresa's ring finger, complete with ring.

Hotels in Avila:

For Hotels in Avila, check out the following links:
  • Hotels in Avila with Kayak

How to Get There from Madrid:

Where to Next?:

Salamanca is only one hour from Ávila by train - if you have to return to Madrid, stay the night in Salamanca go back the next day. Alternatively, Segovia is an hour away by bus. The best of Ávila can be seen in a few hours and both Avila and Segovia could be seen in one day (although you would miss out on a lot in Segovia).

Car Hire in Avila:

easyCar, from the people that brought you easyJet, offer car hire throughout Spain and their prices are pretty competitive.

Before you book, compare their prices to the other big car rental companies on Travelocity. (book direct)Avila

First Impressions:

Ávila's bus station is five minutes' walk from the city walls, with the train station a further five minutes away. From the Jardín del Recreo walk down c/Duque de Alba to Plaza de Santa Teresa. From here you can enter the city through the magnificent Puerta del Alcázar.

Once inside the gate, turn left and take a look at the cathedral. Turn left at Plaza de la Catedral. On your left is the main market. On Fridays Plaza del Mercado Chico hosts an outdoor market, a great place to get your lunch.

Walking out the other end of the square, along c/Caballeros to Plaza del Rastro. From there you can leave the city again and see the views south of the city. Walk along the outside of the wall to the next archway, Puerta de Santa Teresa, which allows you back into the city, right in fronr of the Convento de Santa Teresa, dedicated to the city's saint.

Walk round the convent to c/ Jimena Blázquez up to Plaza Concepción Arenal and then head left to Puerta de Carmen. Again, leave through this gate and take a look at the great views of the city wall before coming back in and mounting the wall (price: 3.50€) and walk along the north side of the city before coming back down by the cathedral again. While up on the wall you should see if there is anything else you want to see.

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