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Tapas Tours in Spain

Try the best tapas in Spain on one of these guided tours


Tapas is the quintessential way of eating out in Spain, but is often misunderstood by visitors to Spain. Tapas is a not a type of food - anything can be tapas. And it is not a collection of appetisers eaten all at once. For what tapas is, see What is Tapas?  

Tapas actually vary greatly throughout Spain. Sometimes it's quite gourmet, like in Seville or San Sebastian. Sometimes, the tapas is free, as in Granada. Sometimes there's one neighborhood where all the best tapas bars are, sometimes they are spread out over the entire city. 

To get the most out of a city's tapas, a tapas tour on your first day is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with a city's tapas scene, before branching out on your own on subsequent days. Check out the tapas tours available in some of Spain's biggest tapas cities below.

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1. Barcelona Tapas Tours

Explore Barcelona's most famous city through its cuisine. Take one of these tapas tours and sample Spanish tapas such as tortilla, Iberian ham, chorizo and other delights.

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2. Madrid Tapas Tours

Enjoy a walking tour of downtown Madrid while sampling some of the city's culinary delights along the way too. With so many bars and cafes in Spain's capital, a little helping hand in deciding where to go can really make things easier.

This tour takes you to four tapas bars, where your guide will help you decipher the menu and make sure you get a good idea of tapas culture.

This tour is not a guided tour of Madrid's major monuments, though you will obviously see a number of the sights and are free to ask your guide questions about the city. Read about sightseeing tours of Madrid

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See also: Tapas Cooking Class in Madrid - with Sangria

3. Seville Tapas Tours

See the best of Seville while sampling local tapas and some excellent Spanish wine. The tour is short, but all food and wine is included. Seville is one city where tapas is common - but you may find you pay more than you should. With this tour you will get what you pay for - that is, a walk with an expert guide around Seville's old town, who will teach you about the history of tapas and of the city while you sample three tapas bars.

This tour is a little expensive - you'd better off walking around Granada instead (by yourself), getting a nice surprise at how easy it is to get good tapas. But if Granada isn't on your itinerary and you're in Seville for only a short time and want to get the very best tapas, this tour is your best option.

4. Pintxos (Tapas) Tour in San Sebastian

San Sebastian Pintxos
Image: (c) Damian Corrigan

In San Sebastian, they call tapas 'pintxos'. San Sebastian pintxo bars have both bar-top bites that you can order simply by pointing, as well as a cooked food menu that is usually only in Spanish. Pintxos bars are so busy, you might welcome the help a tour can offer:

If you want to get the most out of pintxos in San Sebastian but don't want to do a guided tour, I can highly recommend the San Sebastian Pintxos Passport

5. Granada Tapas Tour

Granada is one of Spain's most famous tapas cities. Explore the city by yourself and sample the free tapas that comes with your drink in most bars in Granada. But this can be a stressful affair for some, with no idea what you'll get next (or perhaps no idea what's on the dish in front of you) and with difficulties in having your dietary needs considered. In which case, check out this tour: Granada Tapas Tour

6. Valencia Bike Tour with Tapas

Explore Valencia by bike and work off the tapas they'll serve you at selected bars around the city! Bike Tour of Valencia with Tapas

7. Malaga Wine-Tasting and Tapas Tours

Choose to explore Malaga or the villages of Mijas or Gaucin on one of these two tapas tours.

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