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Top 10 Guided Tours of Seville


Explore the delights of Seville with these guided tours. Take your pick of morning, afternoon or night tours (the night tour includes a flamenco show and so is my personal recommendation of the three).

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1. Seville Tapas Tour

See the best of Seville while sampling local tapas and some excellent Spanish wine. The tour is short, but all food and wine is included. Seville is one city where tapas is common - but you may find you pay more than you should. With this tour you will get what you pay for - that is, a walk with an expert guide around Seville's old town, who will teach you about the history of tapas and of the city while you sample three tapas bars.

2. Guided Tour of Seville (Morning)

A morning tour of Seville that takes you around the main sights by bus. There is a choice of two tours, arbitrarily designated the 'historical' tour and the 'classical' tour. My vote would be for the classical tour. Click on the link for details of each tour.

You can also do this tour in the afternoon too. Book Afternoon Seville Walking Tour

3. Seville by Night (with Flamenco)

Take a panoramic tour of Seville before seeing a flamenco show.

The fact that this tour runs at night means that this is the perfect introduction to Seville and an ideal way to spend the evening if you have arrived late in town. The bus tour is short but will give you your bearings before you see flamenco in the city where it was meant to be seen!

The best of the tours on this page. Remember that the sun sets late in Spain, so if you are traveling in summer you will still be seeing the city in daylight.

A variety of options are available, depending on whether you want tapas, dinner or nothing to eat at all.

4. Seville 'Hop on hop off' Sightseeing Tour Bus

Seville is quite large and the metro is still not finished, so this is one of the most practical ways to get around the city. You might even want to use it for multiple days; after having got a good overview of the city on your first day, you can then use the bus to get around the city quickly and easily. Alternatively, take one of the above guided tours on your first day and then use this bus on subsequent days.

5. Jewish Quarter Walking Tour and Flamenco Show

Enjoy a walk around Santa Cruz, Seville's Jewish quarter, before visiting a flamenco show in the area.

Flamenco has its routes in the Jewish and gypsy communities in Seville, so this is a great place to hear Spain's most famous music. And the price is quite reasonable too.

6. Tour of Seville by Horse and Carriage

If you don't think you'd see enough of Seville on foot but don't like the idea of a sightseeing bus, taking a tour by horse and carriage could be up your street. This tour lasts two hours. I recommend taking this tour on your first day in the city so you get your bearings before exploring your favorite bits on foot.

7. Seville Guided Tour by Bike

See Seville quickly and efficiently while keeping fit too. More sociable than a horse and carriage (and a little less decadent too), this is another great way to see more of Seville than you would be able to on foot.

8. Seville Photography Tour

Do you, like me, always hold up tour groups as you adjust your camera, trying to get the perfect shot? Then this tour is for you. Explore Seville with like-minded photographers, people who won't mind waiting while you compose your shot. Your guide will also be able to help you with any technical matters to do with your photography.

9. Religious Guided Tour of Seville

Concentrate on Seville's many religious churches and monuments in this specialist tour. This tour allows you to miss out the most obvious sights which you could easily find by yourself and instead see a little of Seville's hidden reverent side.

10. Private Seville Walking Tour

On this tour you will see Arabic Seville, Casa de Pilatos, Murillo Garden, the old tobacoo factory, Hotel Alfonso XIII, the Tower of Gold and the Hospital de la Caridad, among other things. A private tour means you can choose where to go (but if you knew where you wanted to go, why are you on a tour?) Smaller groups also guarantee you more one-to-one time with the guide, but in my experience of tours, it's never hard to ask your questions as most others on the tour tend to be pretty quiet. Therefore, I'd say this tour is probably not worth the extra money.

However, if any members of your party have mobility issues, this tour may be appropriate for you as you can dictate the pace.

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