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Spain Tour Packages

Guided Tours of Spain and Portugal Starting from Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga


Plaza del Triunfo, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
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Visit Seville

Visit Seville on a tour from Madrid

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Spain Tour Packages

These Spain tour packages start from various points in Spain and weave around the country before either returning you to where you started or leaving you in another part of the country. Most links have a variety of tours to chose from: check out the various Spain tour packages available.

Note that these Spain tour packages don't include your flight. Read more about Cheap Flights to Spain.

These tours are almost all by bus. If you would prefer a train-based tour, see Train Tours of Spain.

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Spain Tours from Madrid

Madrid's central location and international airport makes it the most popular starting point for a guided tour of Spain. 

Best Tours from Madrid

Main article: Best Tours from Madrid

Check out the best tours from the Madrid by clicking on the link above. Madrid has some excellent day trips (some as far away as to Barcelona!)

Top Tour: Two-Day Tour of Seville and Cordoba
In just two days, see two of Spain's best cities. Cordoba has the grand Mezquita, once the biggest mosque in Europe and now the city's cathedral. Then it's on to Seville for the night. After a day exploring Seville, take the high-speed AVE train back to Madrid.

Tours from Madrid to Barcelona

Main article Tours from Madrid to Barcelona

Madrid and Barcelona are Spain's two premier cities, so tours to Barcelona are highly sought after. These tours always require more travel due to the distance from Madrid to Barcelona, but there are some good tours, nonetheless.

Top Tour: Four-Day Tour of Barcelona and Valencia from Madrid
After exploring Spain's biggest city, visit Spain's second and third metropolises. Visit the Sagrada Familia on a tour of Barcelona and visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. On the way back to Madrid pass through Zaragoza for a visit to the city's fabulous cathedral.   

Tours from Madrid to Andalusia

Main article: Tours from Madrid to Andalusia

Most package tours from Madrid cover Andalusia due to its cities close proximity to each other. The length and itinerary of these tours can vary greatly, so check out this page to see which ones I recommend.

Top Tour: Four-Day Tour of Andalusia & Toledo
Andalusia is all about the cities of Cordoba, Seville and Granada. Visit the Alhambra in Granada as well as the spectacular city of Seville, home of flamenco, as well as a visit to Cordoba for the grand mosque-cathedral. Tag on a tour of medieval Toledo and you have one the most action-packed Spain tours money can buy.

Tours from Madrid to Northern Spain

Main article: Tours from Madrid to Northern Spain

Northern Spain is virtually undiscovered country for tourists to Spain. But the countryside and cities in the north are beautiful. Public transport connections here are often poor so a guided tour is an excellent way to see this part of Spain.

Top Tour: Five-Day Galicia Package Tour from Madrid

Spain Tours from Barcelona

Main article: Spain Tours from Barcelona

A few years ago there weren't many tours that began in Barcelona, but now more and more are cropping up.

Top Pick:  Five-Day Tour of Spain from Barcelona

Tours of Spain from Southern Spain

Main articles: Tours of Spain from Malaga or from the Costa del Sol

Malaga used to be a place where only beach-seekers headed, but with so many budget flights to Malaga it is now possible to do tours of Spain from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Top Pick: Two-Day Tour from Costa del Sol to Madrid visiting Granada and Toledo.

Portugal and Morocco Tours from Madrid

Main article: Portugal and Morocco Tours from Madrid

Why restrict yourself to just Spain? There are plenty of tours from Madrid that visit Portugal and even Morocco. However, tours from Madrid to Morocco are usually very long and expensive, due to the other cities they add in on the way.

Top Pick: Four-Day Tour of Lisbon from Madrid

Tours of Spain and Morocco from Malaga

Main article: Tours of Spain and Morocco from Malaga

Malaga is a great starting point for getting to Morocco, with a number of tour options available.

Top Pick: Day-Trip to Morocco from Malaga

Portugal and Spain Tours from Lisbon

Main article: Portugal and Spain Tours from Lisbon

Or you could start from Lisbon and do your Spain and Portugal trip the other way around!

Top Pick: Four-Day Tour of Southern Portugal and the Algarve

Spain Tour Packages by Number of Days

If you don't mind where you start from, but you're more constrained by how long your tour is, check out these tours below.

Two-Day Spain Tour Packages


Three-Day Spain Tour Packages

Four-Day Spain Tour Packages

  • Tour of Andalusia
    Andalusia's three most important cities, including a tour of the Alhambra in Granada, the Great Mosque in Cordoba and the old town of Seville.

    Cities Visited: Cordoba, Seville and Granada
    Starting City: Madrid
    End City: Madrid
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  • Best of Catalonia Tour
    Combines the North Catalonia and South Catalonia tours featured above.

    Cities Visited: Salvador Dali museum in Figueres, the walled city of Girona, the Montserrat mountain, Sitges, Tarragona, Santa Creus, the Torres wine cellar and Vic
    Starting City: Barcelona
    End City: Barcelona
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  • La Robla Train Tour
    Luxury train journey from Bilbao to Leon and back again.

    Cities Visited: Leon and other small destinations in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Castilla y Leon. Click on the link for more details.
    Starting City: Bilbao
    End City: Bilbao
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  • Tour of Morocco
    Visit Morocco from the south coast of Spain.

    Cities Visited: Tanger, Rabat, Meknes and Fez
    Starting City: Various points along the Costa del Sol
    End City: Costa del Sol
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Five-Day Spain Tour Packages

  • Tour of Andalusia
    See most of Andalusia's best sights on this whistle-stop tour, coming back to Madrid via Toledo.

    Cities Visited: Cordoba, Seville, Ronda, Torremolinos, Granada and Toledo
    Starting City: Madrid
    End City: Madrid
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  • Tour of Andalusia
    Starting in Barcelona this time, a slightly more rushed tour of Andalusia than the above tour, but you're coming from further away.

    Cities Visited: Cordoba, Seville, Zaragoza, Toledo and Granada
    Starting City: Barcelona
    End City: Madrid
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  • Tour of Morocco
    Visit Africa from the Costa del Sol!

    Cities Visited: Tanger, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Meknes and Fez
    Starting City: Costa del Sol
    End City: Costa del Sol
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Eight-Day Spain Tour Packages

Nine-Day Spain Tour Packages

12-Day Spain Tour Packages

13-Day Spain Tour Packages

15-Day Spain Tour Packages

  • Grand Tour of Spain Visit Madrid, Aranajuez, Cuenca, Valencia, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Pamplona, Bilbao, Burgos, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Caceres, Seville, Jerez, Ronda, Granada and Cordoba.
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19-Day Spain Tour Packages

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