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Barcelona Tours

Guided Tours of Barcelona


Barcelona and surrounding Catalonia is one of the most interesting and diverse regions in Spain. There's so much to see that you need a month in this area alone! To cut down on the amount of time required to see Catalonia, take one of these guided tours.

Guided tours are great time savers, many of them combining a couple of sights in a single day, others giving you a comprehensive tour of a particular area or topic - giving you the inside knowledge it would take you days to discover on your own.

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Guided Tours of Barcelona

Book a Walking Tour of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, an essential introduction to the city, or check out the other guided tours of the region below.


  • Walking Tours of Barcelona
  • Personal guided tours of Barcelona, with a variety of focuses - archictecture, tapas, etc.


  • Mp3 Tours of Barcelona
  • A cheaper alternative to a guided walking tour (see above) is an mp3 tour - just put the mp3 on your iPod or other mp3 player and follow the route. Your pause button means you can do the tour at your own pace, stopping along the way if need be.


  • Cycling Tours of Barcelona & Catalonia
  • Explore Catalonia on a bicycle with like-minded fellow travelers.


  • Tapas Tour of Barcelona
  • Sample the best of Barcelona's tapas on this evening tour.

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