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Package Tour: Guided Tour of Andalusia

See Cordoba, Seville and Granada, starting and finishing in Madrid


On this page you will find information about a tour of Andalusia, starting and finishing in Madrid, taking in Cordoba, Seville and Granada. Includes guided tours of the Alhambra in Granada, cathedral in Seville and mezquita (mosque) in Cordoba.

Flights are not included in this tour, but that's a good thing, as tour companies always take a cut from flights (and force you to fly from certain airports). If you need a flight to Spain, check out this link: Compare Prices on Flights to Spain

Alternative Andalusia Tours

If you have a bit of extra time on your hands and would like to visit Ronda as well, check out the alternative itinerary further below.

If you'd rather depart from Barcelona, check out this alternative tour:
Seville, Granada and Cordoba from Barcelona (book direct)

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Tour of Andalusia from Madrid

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  • Duration Four days (three nights)
  • Via Cordoba, Seville, Granada (finishes in Madrid)
  • Includes Tour of Cordoba and entrance to great mosque, lunch in Cordoba, tour of Seville (including cathedral), two nights' accommodation in Seville, two breakfasts and evening meals in Seville, tour of Granada and Alhambra, one night's accommodation in Granada, evening meal, breakfast and lunch in Granada, bus transport between all destinations.
  • Itinerary
    • Day 1 Madrid to Cordoba to Seville
    • Day 2 Seville
    • Day 3 Seville to Granada
    • Day 4 Granada to Madrid


  • Notes Features guided tours of Andalusia's premier monuments. The tour of the Alhambra is especially good, as it cuts out the massive line to buy tickets and eliminates any chance of the tickets selling out (as they often do).
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  • Alternative Itinerary

    If you have an extra day to spare, this five-day tour adds in the glorious Ronda.

    • Day 1 Madrid to Cordoba to Seville
    • Day 2 Seville
    • Day 3 Seville to to Ronda to Costa del Sol
    • Day 4 Costa del Sol to Granada
    • Day 5 Granada to Toledo to Madrid

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