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Granada Day Trips: How to Get to Motril from Granada and What to Do There


How to Get to Motril from Granada

  • Alsina Graells goes to Motril - journey takes 1h45 and costs under 5€.
  • No train.

What to Do & See in Motril

  • The main attraction of Motril is its beaches. Read more on Motril's beaches.
  • Motril is the biggest town on this part of the coast and is the capital of the Costa Tropical. It is a fully-developed town with all the amenities you would expect. With more beautiful beaches to the east of Motril, here is the place to pick up provisions for the day.
  • It is possible to go to Morocco (via the tiny Spanish enclave of Melilla) by ferry from Motril.
  • The Casa de las Palmas is a 16th century sugar mill. Sugar production was important to Motril's economy until very recently.

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