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Granada at a Glance - Things to Do in Granada


Best Time to Visit Granada:

Most of Granada's attractions are enjoyable throughout the year, but make sure you see the Alhambra on a sunny day, as it is nowhere near as impressive when it is cloudy (as I discovered). In November it's the Jazz Festival, which is worth a trip.

Number of Days to Spend in Granada (excluding day trips) :

Two, but the tapas might make you want to stay and you could easily waste half a day relaxing in a Moroccan tea room, in which case you'd need longer.

Hotels in Granada:

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Five Things to Do in Granada:

Day Trips from Granada:

The mountainous Alpujarras with some of the most beautiful villages and best jamón in Spain, the cave houses of Guadix, the Sierra Nevada, Antequera and the natural hot springs in Santa Fé (which is actually more commonly a night trip than a journey taken in the daytime). Read more on Day Trips from Granada.

Where to Next?:

Explore the rest of Andalucia – Cordoba isn’t far, or Seville. After that, north to Madrid, or north-east to Valencia. If you intend on heading to Barcelona, go via Madrid or Valencia.

Distance to Granada:

From Seville 264km - 2h40 by car, 3h by train, 2h45 by bus. (No flights.) Read more on Seville

From Madrid 422km - 4h20 by car, 6h by train, 5h45 by bus, 1h flight. Read more on Madrid

From Barcelona 915km - 9h by car, 12h by train, 15hrs by bus, 1h20 flight. Read more on Barcelona

Car Hire in Granada:

For car hire in Granada, check out the following links:

First Impressions:

Coming into the city from the airport or bus station, you will arrive along Gran Vía de Colón, one of the two main streets in Granada. Gran Vía ends at Plaza Isabel la Catolica, by which time you've already passed the Cathedral (on your right) and the start of the El Albaicin Arabic quarter (on your left). From Plaza Isabel, turn right to go down c/ Reyes Catolicos (Granada's other main street), which will lead you down to the main shopping area. Alternatively, turn left at the Plaza and walk up to Plaza Nueva, where you can sit down and have a drink at one of the many outdoor bars, with nice views of the Alhambra. From there you can decide for yourself if you feel like the walk up to the Alhambra. C/Elvira, on your left as you enter Plaza Nueva (you'll recognise it by its numerous kebab shops!) is a popular street for eating Granada's famous free tapas.
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