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Gaudi's Barcelona


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Who's this Antoni Gaudi, then?
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Antoni Gaudi (1852 - 1926)

Easily Spain's most famous architect is Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona's international reputation wouldn't be the same without the work of Gaudi. Barcelona's most famous landmark, La Sagrada Familia was designed by Gaudi, as were Park Guell and La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. Born in Catalonia (the exact town is disputed), Gaudi's work has had a lasting impression on Barcelona with his Art Nouveau architecture. Even people with no previous love of architecture place visiting Gaudi's buildings in Barcelona at the top of their list of things to do in in the Catalan capital.

This Gaudi trail starts at Placa Real just off Las Ramblas. It then goes up Passeig de Gracia, taking in Casa Batllo and La Pedrera before veering off to the east to La Sagrada Familia. It ends at Parc Guell.

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Gaudi Trail in Barcelona

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  2. Casa Batllo
  3. La Pedrera (Casa Milà)
  4. La Sagrada Familia
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  6. Parc Guell

Walking Tours of Gaudi and Barcelona Modernism

The subsequent pages in this article give you an overview of Gaudi's works in Barcelona. You can find them all by yourself, but if you prefer the guidance of an expert, check out this guided tour instead:

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