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Galicia Travel Guide

Things to Do in Galicia


Torre de Hercules, A Coruña

Torre de Hercules, A Coruña

Image: Damian Corrigan

Think you know Spain? Think it's all sangria, bullfighting and paella? Then you've not been to Galicia.

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Cities and Towns in Galicia

Major cities and towns in Galicia, in order of 'importance' to the tourist:
  1. Santiago de Compostela
  2. Fisterra
  3. A Coruña
  4. Ribadavia and the Ribeiro District
  5. Pontevedra
  6. Vigo 


Galicia in a week

Start in Santiago de Compostela (two days), and then visit A Coruña (two days). After that, head north to the coast and head west and then south, checking out any town or village that takes your fancy (making sure you check out Fisterra).

Note that public transport along the coast is poor - if you want the freedom to really explore, you'll need to hire a car. Compare Prices on Car Hire in Spain.



  • Enjoy the fabulous green countryside - it's everywhere. Have your ideas dispelled of what Spain looks like as you are surrounded by rolling hills and green pastures.
  • Visit Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of those on the Camino de Santiago.
  • Visit the end of the world in Fisterra. Fisterra was the most-western point of the Roman Empire and it was believed that the sun was extinguished each night as it set in the sea. The awful weather there really adds to the feeling that you've reached the end of the planet!
  • Eat Pulpo a la Gallega, boiled octopus with paprika, at a restaurant in A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela. It may sound gross, and it certainly isn't to everyone's taste, but it is a quintessential part of Galician cuisine and a lot of people can't get enough of it. Read more about Galician food.
  • Go up the Torre de Hércules in A Coruña and check out the breathtaking coastline.




Places to Add if You Have Time

Other popular cities in Galicia include Ourense, Vigo and Pontevedra.


Arrival and Departure

The main international airport for north-west Spain is in Santiago de Compostela, though there is also an airport in A Coruña and Oviedo too.


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