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Top 10 Spanish Dishes


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Cochinillo Asado (Roast Suckling Pig)
Roast suckling pig - Cutler and Co AUD44  Roast suckling pig, xo spring onion, garlic & parsley root AUD44
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Cochinillo Asado is roast baby pig. Its fatty outside is crisp and perfect for those who like pork rind, while its meat is tender and juicy.

Where to Try Cochinillo Asado:

Segovia is famous for Cochinillo Asado and its inhabitants know it - restaurants in Segovia charge way over the odds for the dish.

There is a also great bar in nearby Salamanca (called 'Cochinillo Asado', appropriately) on c/Van Dyck (on the western end, near the cinemas) where a glass of wine and a piece of excellent Cochinillo will set you back under 3€.

The nearest airports to Segovia and Salamanca are Madrid and Valladolid.

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