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Best Spanish Drinks to Try in Spain


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Spanish Drinks: Sidra (cider)
Best Spanish Drinks to Try in Spain

A girl pouring herself some cider, Spanish style

Image: Mabel

On the previous page, we had the most obvious choice for drinks to try in Spain (Sangria). Here we have one of Spain's least-known drinks. 

Spanish cider is a treat for true cider fans. Friends of mine, big fans of 'scrumpy' style British cider, think all European cider is sweet and gassy. Though Spanish cider is not like the scrumpy style they are used to, it's also nothing like what they expect of European cider. 

As you can see from this picture, Spanish cider, only widely available in limited parts of Spain (mainly Asturias and the Basque Country), has to be poured in a strange way. This is to aerate the drink, thus reducing the acidity. The other way to drink it is straight from the barrel. Take a look at this pictures from a San Sebastian Cider House and find out how to reserve a table (and guide).

One of Spain's best drinks. Great if you can get it.


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