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Tapas in Spain

Spanish Food: Guide to Tapas in Spain


Sssortment of tapas in a Spanish restaurant
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The word 'tapas' is synonymous with Spanish cuisine. Every visitor to Spain wants to 'go for tapas' even though most don't know what exactly tapas is nor where to get it. On this page you'll find a definition of tapas and where to get good free (yes, free) tapas in Spain.

Introduction to Tapas

Tapas is a plural term, so you should really be asking 'What are Tapas'. A 'tapa' is not a type of food, but a way of eating it. There are a number of explanations for the origin of tapas: What is Tapas? (And What it is Not)

There is more to Spanish food than just tapas. Read more about Spanish Dishes.

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Where to Get Free Tapas in Spain

The home of free tapas is Granada, in Andalusia, though you can get free tapas in other places too. Find out where: Where You Can Get Free Tapas in Spain

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Best Tapas in Spain

Find out about the best tapas in Spain - both the free types and the paid for ones.

Basque Pintxos

In the Basque Country, they call their tapas 'pintxos'. Read about why they think they're so special as to deserve a different name: Pinxtos in the Basque Country

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