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Traditional Paella: Authentic Paella in Spain


Paella in Valencia, Restaurant La Rall

Each restaurant makes paella differently. This one, from La Rall, had far too many beans for our liking

Image: Damian Corrigan

Think Spanish cuisine and you'll think seafood and paella. You'll probably also think seafood paella. The picture of a dish of yellow rice with prawns and mussels in most people's idea of what paella is about. Most shun the cheaper meat paella in favor of the seafood version even if they aren't overly keen on shellfish because they see it as 'more traditional'.

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This is the wrong way to view paella. These articles below will tell you all you need to know about real paella (Paella, by the way, is pronounced "pah-eh-ya" - the 'll' is pronounced as a 'y').

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