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Lunch in Spain

Menu del Dias and Platos Combinados in Spain


There are three main ways to have lunch in Spaiin. The most fun is tapas. The most economical way to have lunch in a restaurant in Spain is to take the menu del dia (meal of the day). If that doesn't appeal, some of the more down market places have a plato combinado (combined dish). Read more about these different types of lunch in Spain.

  • Tapas in Spain

    Morsels of food, washed down with a glass of beer or wine. Read more about Tapas in Spain.

  • 'Menú del Día' in Spain

    A three-course meal, complete with bread and a drink. The cheapest way to eat out in Spain. Read more about the concept of the Menú del Día or find out about the Best Restaurants in Madrid with a 10€ menu del dia.

  • 'Platos Combinados' in Spain

    If you like all your food to come at once, you're going to have to lower your standards a little. Platos combinados are closer to what you are used to, but is always a very basic meal - a slab of meat or sausage, fries and egg or salad is the typical 'plato combinado'.

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