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When Should you Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Spain?


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Kitchens in Spain seem to be open for all of about ten minutes, when every Spaniard crowds in, eats and leaves a pile of dirty napkins on the floor. Before and after this tiny window, you might be left hungry.

Find out when the best times are to get your three meals when in Spain.

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When to Eat Breakfast in Spain

In Madrid, bars open at 7am, often earlier, for to accommodate for the hectic lives of city businessmen. A morning coffee is a many Spaniards' morning ritual and coffee and pastries are usually sold throughout the morning (until lunch, usually) but you may find the best pastries have gone by about 9am or 10am!

In other parts of Spain, 8am is a more likely time for bars to open.

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When to Eat Lunch in Spain

Restaurants tend to start their Menu del Dia at about 1pm (though I've seen some websites be as specific as 1.20pm! As with breakfast, the good stuff will probably peter out by about 3pm but you may still get something as late as 4pm. To avoid arriving too early or too late, I'd recommend arriving as close to 2pm as possible.

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When to Eat Dinner in Spain

No one in Spain goes out to eat any earlier than 9pm in the evenings. Most restaurants will continue serving until approaching midnight, some later, but you're better off arriving before 11pm if you want to be sure of not going to bed hungry.

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