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Drinks in Spanish

Translations for Popular Drinks in Spanish


Jamon iberico (Iberian ham) and wine in a typical tavern, Seville, Spain.
Felipe Rodriguez Fernandez/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
Know what you're ordering in a Spanish bar!

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Alcoholic Drinks in Spanish

  • Vino - wine. Read about Spanish wine

  • Vino blanco - white wine

  • Vino tinto - red wine

  • Vino rosado - rosé wine

  • Sangria Red wine with fruit, lemonade, sugar and usually some other liquor.

  • Tinto de verano - red wine and lemonade, like a poor man's sangria.

  • Ginebra - gin, though a gin and tonic is known as a 'gin-tonic'. The Spanish make the best gin and tonic.

  • Ron - Rum

  • Cerveza - Beer. Don’t be put off by the gassy drink that passes for beer in Spain – most of it is horrible, but Mahou (made by the shrewd guys at San Miguel who export the bad stuff and keep the best beer for themselves) is a fair lager worth a try. More about Beer in Spain.

  • Sidra - cider. Only really common in Oviedo and the surrounding region of Asturias.

Hot Drinks in Spanish

  • Café (con leche) - Coffee (with milk)

  • - tea

  • Cola Cao - hot chocolate or cocoa (Cola Cao is a popular brand name)

  • Chocolate - a thick hot chocolate, very different from the above cola cao – you might want to use a spoon!

  • Cacaolat - a brand of chocolate milk drink. Rarely available outside Barcelona but worth a try if you can find. It somehow manages to be much better than normal chocolate drinks.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Spanish

  • Agua - water

  • Agua minerale (con gas) - (sparkling) mineral water

  • Horchata - a milky (though it has no actual milk), sweet drink made from tiger nut. Different from the Mexican version, which is made with rice.

  • Limonada or Limón lemonade

  • Zumo de...

    • ...Naranja - Orange juice, freshly squeezed using Spanish fruit, even in the smallest bar

    • ...Manzana - Apple juice

    • ...Piña - pineapple juice

    • ...Tomate - tomato juice

    • ...Melocotón - Peach juice (often with ‘uvas’ (grapes)

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