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Food & Drink in Spain - Tapas, Wine, Common Dishes, Recipes

Food is a national obsession in Spain. But with so few Spanish menus translated into intelligible English, you'll need some help in choosing the best of their culinary delights. Also, an explanation of the Spanish eating and drinking culture and some recipes to whet your appetite.
  1. Spanish Olive Oils
  2. Paella (6)
  3. Sangria (5)
  4. Spanish Drinks (13)
  5. Tapas (9)
  6. Wine (18)
  7. Restaurants (12)
  8. Recipes (11)
  9. Vegetarian Food in Spain (5)

Top 10 Spanish Dishes
The essential ten dishes to try when you're in Spain, starting with suckling pig.

Best Spanish Drinks to Try in Spain
There are some excellent Spanish drinks in Spain. Find out about the best Spanish drinks - from Sangria to horchata.

Guide to Tapas in Spain
Going for tapas is high on most people's list of things to do in Spain, but there is often some confusion about what tapas is and what tapas means. All about tapas - the origin of tapas, what tapas is and where to get tapas.

San Sebastian Food Tours
If you're interested in the gastronomical traditions of Spain's finest city for dining out, San Sebastian, check out this page.

Guide to 'Traditional' Sangria in Spain
You can always spot a tourist in a Spanish bar - he'll be the one drinking the sangria. All about sangria - how to make the 'perfect' sangria and what the Spanish actually drink in a bar.

Ordering Beer in Spain
How to order beer in Spain.

Best Beer in Spain
What is the best beer in Spain? Here are my favorites.

Tapas Bars in Spain | Where to Find Good Tapas Bars in Spain
Share your tips on the best tapas in Spain that offer free tapas.

When Should you Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Spain?
When should you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Spain?

Coffee in Spain
Coffee in Spain - how to order the many types of coffee in Spain.

Tea in Spain
Find out about tea in Spain, including the great tea shops in Granada.

Olive Oil in Spain
Find out about olive oil in Spain

Guide to Food & Drink in Spain
Complete Guide to Eating & Drinking in Spain.

Eating Out in the Evening in Spain
What to have to eat for dinner in Spain.

Light Bites in Spain - What to Eat When You Miss Lunch in Spain
Light bites in restaurants in Spain. What to eat when you miss the main meal times of the day in Spain.

Lunch in Spain
When the Spanish have in Spain and how to eat when in a restaurant in Spain.

Traditional Paella – Authentic Paella in Spain
Paella is the archetypical Spanish dish, but it is very easy to get a bad paella. What is paella, what types of paella are there and where to get good paella.

Eating in a Restaurant in Spain
How eating out in Spain is different. What to expect in a restaurant in Spain.

Tea & Coffee in Spain
The Spanish love their coffee and serve it in a variety of ways. Tea is less popular, although good tea can be bought in Granada. How to order tea and coffee in Spain.

Beer in Spain
Beer in Spain - how to order and which ones to go for.

Breakfast in Spain
What the Spanish have for breakfast.

Christmas Food in Spain
A list of popular foods in Spain at Christmas time.

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Spend Twenty-Four Hours in Spain
The Spanish lifestyle is often quite different to that in the US or the rest of Western Europe. Advice on when and how to eat, sleep and see the sites in Spain.

Drinks in Spanish
Spanish drink names with English translations.

Translations of Popular Spanish Food
Translations of some popular Spanish food.

Horchata (Orxata) in Valencia
Horchata is a popular soft drink in Valencia and Catalonia and is available throughout Spain. What Horchata is made of and where to get it in Spain.

Spanish Food - Jamón Español - Spanish Ham
Some background to Spanish ham, or jamon.

Sidra and the Spanish Sideria - Drinking Cider in Spain
Article on Spanish cider, from sister site goeurope.about.com.

Spain and its Cuisine
A description of Spain's cuisine.

Chocolate con Churros - the Perfect Spanish Breakfast PICTURES
Spanish early risers (yes there are a few!) and late night revellers traditionally enjoy chocolate con churros for breakfast. Pictures of how churros are made and some photos of the chocolate in all its glory!

Eating in Spain - Spanish Food and Restaurants
James Martin, About's Guide to Spain, on eating in Spain.

What is Chorizo?
Article on Spanish chorizo.

What is Hierbabuena and How is it Different from Menta?
Hierbabuena and menta are different things in Spain, but both are generally translated into 'mint' in English. So what's the difference?

Zaragoza Tapas: Bar Estudios
Zaragoza Tapas. Where to eat Tapas in Zaragoza. Tapas bar in Zaragoza.

Why is there ham in my vegetarian dish in Spain?
Why is there ham in my vegetarian dish in Spain?

Vegetarian Dishes in Spain
Vegetarian Dishes in Spain. Some traditional Spanish dishes that don't contain meat.

Barcelona Food
As the capital of Catalonia, and wedged between the mountains and the sea, as well as southern and northern Europe, Barcelona is a a gastronomic crossroads. Visitors will often opt for famous dishes from other regions of Spain (Galician octopus, Andalucian gazpacho or Asturian fava bean stew, to name but three). But there are just as many...

Michelin Star Restaurants in Spain
When people talk about 'Michelin Star Restaurants in Spain', they are generally speaking talking about three-star restaurants. Michellin gives out a large number of Michelin stars each year, but it is the three-star restaurants that capture the imagination. Spain currently has seven three-star Michelin restaurants, three of which can be found in...

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