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Ten Commandments for Budget Airlines

Rules for Sinning Airlines to Help Them See the Error of Their Ways


Budget airlines are known for their cheeky extra charges. To help them see the light I have outlined Ten Commandments for them to follow.

1. Thou shalt list basic fares including all taxes, fees and charges.

Sinners: Ryanair, Flybe, Germanwings, Jet2, Transavia, Monarch, Aer Lingus, and BMI Baby

2. Thou shalt not add insurance and baggage to passengers' bills if not requested

Sinners: easyJet (both), Jet2 (both), Monarch (both), Aer Lingus (insurance), Thomsonfly (baggage) and BMI Baby (insurance).

3. Thou shalt not add a mandatory web check-in fee to all customers on a flight

Sinners: Ryanair

4. Thou shalt not charge to check in at the airport

Sinners: Ryanair and BMI Baby

5. Thou shalt list all airports under their correct names

Sinners: Ryanair

6. Thou shalt not change a customer's total to another currency if not requested

Sinners: Flybe

7. Thou shalt provide a contact form or email address to customers

Sinners: Ryanair, Germanwings, Jet2, Thomsonfly, Aer Lingus, Wizz Air and BMI Baby

8. Thou shalt not add a meal or seat charge to bookings if not requested

Sinners: Jet2 (meal), Thomsonfly (meal), Flybe (seat charge)

9. Thou shalt offer at least 20kg checked luggage allowance

Sinners: Ryanair, Wizz Air and BMI Baby

10. Though shalt not add a credit card fee per passenger, per flight

Sinners: Ryanair, Wizz Air, Aer Lingus.

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