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Internal Flights in Spain

Should you fly or take the train?


An internal flight is is by far the quickest way to travel in Spain if you can book far enough in advance. Turn a 12-hour bus or train journey from Seville to Barcelona into a one hour flight.

Plane or Train in Spain?

Spain now has several excellent AVE high-speed train routes, including services connecting Madrid to Seville and Madrid to Barcelona. In most cases, the train will be faster than the plane, as there is no need to check-in 45 minutes (or more) before your flight and the train stations are more central than the airports.

A possible exception to this is the Madrid-Barcelona route. Iberia's Madrid-Barcelona Air Shuttle allows you to book a ticket without choosing a particular departure time and the ability to board the next flight with just 15 minutes to go before take-off.

Check Prices and Times on Trains in Spain and Compare Prices on Internal Flights in Spain

On the other hand, if traveling from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela or from Seville to Barcelona, the plane is definitely the better option.

Full list of airlines with internal flights in Spain

The following airlines fly within Spain.


Iberia is Spain's flag carrier and has domestic flights between most of Spain's airports.


easyJet no longer has internal flights in Spain, but it does fly from Lisbon to Spain. Read more about Lisbon in this Lisbon Travel Guide

Air Europa

Flights all over Spain.


Ryanair flies everywhere these days. Just be careful not to pay too much with them.

Read about Airlines' Hidden Charges.

Airlines in Spain that have recently ceased operating

The following airlines used to have internal flights in Spain:

Air Madrid

In December 2006, all Air Madrid flights were suspended by the Spanish government.

Air Asturias

Despite only launching in 2006, Air Asturias has already ceased operating.


Also now defunct.


Also now defunct.


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