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Barcelona Travel Information

Information About Barcelona's Airport, Train Stations and Bus Stations


On this page you will find details of transport to and from Barcelona by bus, train and plane.

See also Getting Around Barcelona for after you've arrived in the city.


Getting to and from Barcelona - Bus or Train?

Whether you take a bus, car or train to get to or from Barcelona depends on where you want to go. Find out more here:


Booking and Catching Your Bus or Train in Barcelona

Barcelona has a couple of bus stations and train stations. Find out which one you need:

Barcelona's Airports

There are several airports that are advertised as Barcelona airports, enticing people to cheap flights to Spain's most famous city - but with some of the airports, passengers get there and find out that this 'Barcelona' airport is an hour-and-a-half away from the city.

Read more about Barcelona's airports: How Many Airports are in Barcelona?

With so many airlines flying to Barcelona, the best way to find the cheapest flight is using a flight comparison site. The following search sends you to the website of the chosen airline to make your purchase, with no extra cost to you:
Compare Prices on Flights to Barcelona

For other useful information about flying to Barcelona, see the links below:

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