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easyJet Review

easyJet Flights: Are easyJet any better than Ryanair?

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easyJet flights - better than Ryanair?

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This is a full review of the service provided by easyJet. Some aspects of easyJet's service are similar on any budget airline, but many are unique to easyJet.

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easyJet's Destinations in Spain

easyJet flies to 10 destinations in mainland Spain, as well as three destinations in the Balearics and three in Portugal.

They are: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Málaga, La Coruña, Asturias (Oviedo), Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, Ibiza, Palma and Mahon (plus Faro, Lisbon and Porto in Portugal).

Importantly, easyJet fly to Barcelona airport itself, and not to lesser airports like Girona and Barcelona, which are actually 100km away.

How do compare easyJetto Ryanair? Read Ryanair & easyJet Destination Comparison.

easyJet's Prices

At the time of writing (September 2007), easyJet flights to Spain cost about 40€, including taxes and mandatory charges.

Payment Charges easyJet have the following payment charges:

  • Visa Electron: FREE
  • Debit card: 2€
  • Credit card: 1.95% (minimum 7.50€)

Optional extras include:

  • Speedy boarding for 3.75€. Oddly, this fee doubles if you are flying from the UK.
  • 3€ per bag checked into the hold. Extra baggage can be added but the weight allowance does NOT go up (see below for baggage allowance)
  • Sports equipment (such as skis) are charged at 22.50€ per item.

In addition:

  • Personal travel insurance is added automatically, though you can remove it.

More: Ryanair vs easyJet Price Comparison

easyJet's Checked Baggage & Hand Luggage Policy

  • 20kg (44lbs) of checked baggage.
  • Unlimited hand luggage (one piece only).
easyJet do not allow laptops as a 'free' piece of hand luggage, as many other airlines do. It must fit into your one piece of hand luggage.

Punctuality & Reliability

According to flightontime.com, easyJet is the fourth most punctual budget airline in the United Kingdom.
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 1 out of 5
Easyjet is the worst airline ever!!!!, Member Haralouita

Don't bother book a flight with Easyjet just to save some money, because really, you pay double.... You have to pay everything even for the seats!!! They don't even offer you a glass of water, their seats are unacceptable(are comfortable for a smurf though) and their service is extremely POOR. I checked in an extra luggage and when I arrived to the airport, I had to pay extra for the weight inside the luggage. Really it's stupid. When you check in for an extra luggage in easyjet you have to pay extra for the weight inside it ,so you pay 30 the luggage and then 11 for every kilo you put in your suitcase. The only thing that they don't charge is the air that you breathe.......Maybe in the future!

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