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Ryanair v easyJet Price Comparison 2009

Who Charges Most for a Short-Notice Business Flight from London to Madrid?


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Ryanair & easyJet - the leading lights of Europe's budget flight industry

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On this page is a comparison of the prices of flights with easyJet and Ryanair for a sole traveler on a short-notice mid-week business trip from London to Madrid.

For this price comparison I assumed that the traveler has a fixed time he has to be in Madrid for, so he is inflexible in travel days and times. I booked these flight on Saturday May 16, 2009 for flights on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.

The prices on this page take into account various changes in each airline's prices since last time I did a Ryanair v easyJet price comparison.

See also Difficulties in Comparing Ryanair and easyJet Prices.

Ryanair & Easyjet Prices Compared

All prices were charged in Pounds Sterling on the website (as the outward flight starts in a UK airport). Some prices differ if origin airport is in euroland, but not by much.

Read on for a breakdown of Ryanair and easyJet's costs for these flights or skip straight to the Ryanair v easyJet price comparison table.

FINAL TOTAL: Ryanair 147.97GBP v easyJet 123.82GBP.

  1. Itinerary Both flights depart from London (Ryanair from London Stansted; Easyjet from London Gatwick), both arrive in Madrid.
  2. Advertised Price The advertised price on the Ryanair website for the outbound flight was 74.99GBP and 17.99 for the return flight, a total of 92.88GBP. The price of the easyJet flights is 68.99GBP and 51.88GBP per person with taxes and (some) charges included, working out to 120.87GBP in total.
    Running total: Ryanair 92.98GBP v easyJet 120.87GBP.
  3. Extra Taxes, Fees + Charges Ryanair's taxes, fees and charges come to a convenient 44.99GBP. easyJet include these in their advertised price.
    Running total: Ryanair 137.97GBP v easyJet 120.87GBP.
  4. Hand Baggage Allowance easyJet has no restriction on weight for hand baggage. Ryanair's limit is 10kg.

    Both Ryanair and easyJet have hand baggage size restrictions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (21.6" x 15.7" x 7.8"). To make sure your luggage meets these standards, get one of these Carry-On Suitcases.

  5. Online check-in Both airlines offer free online check-in, though Ryanair will charge you for the privilege if you are checking in luggage.
    Running total: Ryanair 137.97GBP v easyJet 120.87GBP.
  6. Other added costs easyJet add travel insurance as standard. If you don't want it, you have to remove it, not once but twice.
  7. Credit/Debit Card Fee Neither airline charges for the use of an Electron card. easyJet adds a single 6.95GBP for a credit card transaction or 2.95GBP to use a debit card, while Ryanair adds 5GBP per journey per passenger (10GBP in total here) to use any card apart from Electron. Few people have an Electron card, so I have gone with the next cheapest option, the debit card.
    Running total: Ryanair 147.97GBP v easyJet 123.82GBP.
  8. Difference: Ryanair is 19.5% more expensive than easyJet for this short-notice mid-week flight from London to Madrid.

Ryanair's final price is 59.14% higher than their advertised price.

easyJet's final price is 2.44% higher than their advertised price.

To see this data in a more convenient form, see Ryanair v easyJet price comparison table.

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