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Valentine's Day in Spain Ideas

Romantic Suggestions For Your Spanish Vacation


Whether you're planning a Valentine's trip to Spain or you just want to add a little romantic flair to your Spanish vacation, there's plenty of suggestions on this page for you to spice up your trip with your loved one.

Note that in 2013, Valentine's Day coincides with Carnival in Spain. This would make for a really fun day out with the love of your life (I've featured it below) but this might make booking accommodation a little more difficult in some cities, so book ahead.

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1. Champagne Breakfast in a Hot Air Balloon from Barcelona

Yes, it's a cliche, but only because it's so good! A private hot air balloon flight is cheaper than you might expect. Take this one to one-and-a-half hour flight from Barcelona and explore the Catalan countryside and coastline.

If you can't stretch to the private flight, a shared experience is also available.

2. Have a Gourmet Meal on a Bus!

Sightseeing buses are everywhere and a great way to experience a new city. But for a special Valentine's treat, how about this Gourmet Dinner on a Deluxe Glass Roof Bus?

Michelin-star chef Carles Gaig will provide you with a world-class meal while you enjoy the most famous sights in Barcelona, including La Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi architecture.

If the usual guide talking over everything might ruin the romantic mood, don't worry - you are provided with an unobtrusive iPad that will tell you what you can see, for you to use as you wish.

3. Spend a Few Days by Yourselves in the Great Spanish Outdoors

Often we go away at Valentine's Day to be alone with our loved one. But unless you stay in the hotel room the whole time, you're rarely really alone.

So why not try the Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage through northern Spain? Take in the beautiful Spanish countryside for a few days of uninterrupted with your Valentine.

The Camino de Santiago can take over a month, but it still 'counts' if you do just 100km, finishing in Santiago de Compostela after just four days of walking.

Read more about the Camino de Santiago

4. Indulge an Interest

If your Valentine has a particular passion you'd like to indulge, check out some of these ideas.

Are they a football fan? You could take them to the Real Madrid or Barcelona stadiums:

Or maybe they are a keen photographer? Help them take advantage of their new camera on one of these tours:

But if your loved on is a bookworm or film buff, one of these Barcelona tours would be better:

5. Learn to Cook Together

"Honey, I'm not saying you can't cook, but here's a cookery class". Maybe not the best way to approach this tour, but it can still make a great Valentine's gift for your trip to Spain.

In fact, even if your loved one is a great cook, learning to make paella in a class is a great way to master this dish. It's not difficult, but it takes a certain level of judgement that comes best when seen live. Not only that, but the paella you make in class will be better than you get in most restaurants. So even if you never make it again, you'll have a great Valentine's meal that you prepared together.

6. Share Tapas in San Sebastian

Tapas are great sharing food and the especially gourmet nature of the little morsels in San Sebastian are especially suited for going halves on - often it's just about getting a taste.

San Sebastian is a beautiful beach town (though it'll probably be too cold to sunbathe) - an excellent place to spend your Valentine's Day.

You'll probably want to fly in to Bilbao, which is also a city worth visiting (it's home to the Guggenheim museum).

Read more about San Sebastian

7. See a Flamenco Show

Barcelona plays host to the De Cajon Flamenco Festival for the first few months of the year, with a couple of shows the same week as Valentine's Day. Some of the best artists in flamenco play this festival, so be sure to get tickets.

If you'd prefer to combine a flamenco show with dinner, make your way to a 'tablao' instead, where a meal is featured in the price of your ticket. There are tablaos in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and other cities in Andalusia.

8. A Taste of Spanish Wine

Image: Jenny Downing (Some Rights Reserved/Creative Commons)
No Valentine's dinner is complete with a bottle of wine, right? If you want to be able to appreciate your wine better and choose a better bottle for future romantic dinners, why not go on a wine tour?

Barcelona and Malaga are the best places to go on English-language tours of food and drink. See how sherry is made, try organic wine or have a wine-tasting lesson in one of these cities:

9. Romantic Sailing Trip

Another classic Valentine's Day treat. Enjoy a private sailing excursion around the Barcelona port area, with a glass of champagne in hand!

10. Carnival

Image: Laurenz (Creative Commons/Some Rights Reserved)

In 2013, Valentine's Day coincides with Carnival week! Carnival in Spain is one of the wildest parties in the country. It won't be so high on the romance factor, but it will be a lot of fun.

Read more about Carnival in Spain.

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