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Interesting Facts About Spain


Impress your fellow traveling companions with these interesting facts about Spain.

Myths and Misconceptions About Spain

Don't embarrass yourself and make one of these common mistakes about Spain.

Essential Facts About Spain

Basic information, the kind of stuff you feel you ought to know but don't. Don't make embarrassing mistakes again!

Interesting Facts About Spain: Geography

How big is Spain? Is it mountainous? How big is its population?

Interesting Facts About Spain: Politics

Who governs Spain? Who is the heir to the thrown married to? Which border disputes is Spain involved in?

Interesting Facts About Spain: Culture

What religion are the Spanish? What sports are the Spanish good at?

Interesting Facts About Spain: Food

Everything you didn't know that you wanted to know about Spanish food.

Interesting Facts About Spain: Wine

Where does Spain's wine production fit into the grand scheme of things?

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