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Interesting Facts About Spain: Culture

Things You Didn't Know About Spain


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Interesting facts about culture in Spain.

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Interesting Facts About Spain: Culture

  • Spanish is the only official language of Spain, though some of the 'autonomous communities' have other official languages. Read more on Languages in Spain
  • The majority of Spaniards are Catholic, though Spain is a secular state. For over 300 years, most of Spain was Muslim. Parts of Spain were under Muslim rule until 1492 when the last Moorish king fell (in Granada). Read more about Granada.
  • In theory, nudity is legal anywhere in Spain. Read more on Nudism in Spain.
  • Despite the beret being associated with France, the Basques in north-east Spain invented the beret. The Spanish also eat a lot of snails. Only the French eat frogs' legs, though! Read more about the Basque Country.
  • The Catalonian regional parliament has passed a motion showing its desire to ban bullfighting in the region. Bullfighting support in Spain in general is falling. Read more on Bullfighting in Spain
  • Flamenco is not just a dance, but an art form that includes guitar, singing, dancing and 'palmas' (handclaps). Read more about Flamenco in Spain
  • Spain are the current Basketball World Champions, European soccer champs and have won the Tour de France for three years in a row. Fernando Alonso, winner of the 2005 and 2006 Formula One World Championships, is Spanish too.
  • Same-sex marriage is legal in Spain.
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