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Marbella Day Trips

Day Trips from Marbella


Visit the best locations in Andalusia on these day trips from Marbella.

1. Marbella Day Trip to Seville

The most famous destination in Andalusia is famous for tapas, bullfighting and flamenco. Yes, yes, I know all of Spain is famous for these, but usually wrongly - this time the hype is worth it.

2. Marbella Day Trip to Granada

Granada is where you'll find tapas the way it was meant to be eaten - completely free of charge - and the extravagant Alhambra fortress and garden complex.

3. Marbella Day Trip to Ronda

Ronda is famous for its Tajo gorge and the bridges that cross it, as well as being the birthplace of bullfighting. This is probably the most convenient day trip from Marbella.

4. Marbella Day Trip to Morocco

Morocco deserves more than a day - but a day trip to Tangiers from Marbella is a good taste of Africa for those that can't spare more time.

5. Marbella Day Trip to Gibraltar

Gibraltar has monkeys and an unusual brand of patriotism, coming from its position as the last colony in mainland Europe. The monkeys are worth seeing; the patriotism less so.

6. Marbella Day Trip to Cordoba

Cordoba is famous for one of the oldest mosques in Europe. It would be a quite a long day trip from Marbella; I'd recommend the other trips on this page over this one.


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