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Christmas in Spain


Learn all about Christmas and New Year celebrations in Spain.
  1. Christmas in Spain
  2. Christmas Lottery in Spain
  3. Christmas Events by Day
  1. New Year's Eve in Spain
  2. Christmas Food in Spain
  3. Nativity Scenes in Spain

Christmas in Spain

christmas in spain

Get up to speed on what happens at Christmas in Spain.

Christmas Lottery in Spain

The world' biggest lottery takes place each year in Spain. Learn about how the Spanish Christmas lottery (known as 'El Gordo') works.

Christmas Events by Day

christmas in spain

Day-by-day look at what happens in Spain over the Christmas period.

New Year's Eve in Spain

See in the new year Spanish style! And find out how you can celebrate in August too!

Christmas Food in Spain

christmas food in spain

What to eat in Spain over Christmas. Christmas sweets and what to eat for Christmas dinner.

Nativity Scenes in Spain

Spain has some pretty unusual nativity scenes. Read more about them here.

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