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What is Christmas Eve Like in Spain?


Question: What is Christmas Eve Like in Spain?

Answer: Though there are a few important days in the run-up to Christmas, Christmas Eve is the true start to the Christmas period.

Christmas in Spain - Calendar of Events

Christmas Eve in Spain

Christmas Eve in Spain is a family affair. Most bars will be closed and there won't be many restaurants open. If you can get yourself invited to a family then accept, but you're more likely to be offered their youngest daughter's hand in marriage than get an invitation to this most sacred of family events.

For details of what a Spanish Christmas eve meal consists of, see Christmas Food in Spain.

Proceedings are interrupted at midnight by the chimes of the local church, calling worshipers to the 'misa del gallo' (Mass of the Rooster), so named because it is said that a rooster crowded on the night Jesus was born.

The biggest 'misa del gallo' is at the Benedictine monastery at Montserrat near Barcelona.

Adults exchange gifts in Christmas Eve and kids will often get a little something, but the young 'uns have to wait until January 6 for that new Playstation.

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