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Camino de Santiago: Month by Month

What to expect of the Camino de Santiago in each month of the year.


Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, Way of St James, walk the Camino Frances pilgrimage route through fields between the towns of Najera and Granon in the province of Navarra, northern Spain.
Duncan McKenzie/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Below is a brief outline of what to expect on the Camino de Santiago for each month of the year.

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Camino de Santiago in January

Very cold and wet in some parts of the Camino and not many people to travel with you.

Camino de Santiago in February

Still very cold in many places, though not as bad as January. Some travelers.

Camino de Santiago in March

Weather is cool but not unpleasant. More travelers now on the route. A very good time to walk.

Camino de Santiago in April

Weather can be be quite warm in some places now. More and more travelers on the route.

Camino de Santiago in May

Could be very hot in May, though weather varies more on northern Spain than it does in other parts of the country. Route is getting quite busy now. Some hostels may be full by the time you get to them.

Camino de Santiago in June

Hot weather can be expected. There is reportedly a slight dip in 'traffic' in June compared to May, though still more than in April.

Camino de Santiago in July

Very hot and lots of other travelers. Can you cope with the sweaty people who haven't showered for days (because the line for the shower was too long)?

July 25 is St James's Day, a popular day for Catholics to finish the Camino. In Jacobean Years, expect vast numbers of people walking in July.

Camino de Santiago in August

Similar to July.

Camino de Santiago in September

Getting cooler now, but not by much. Still lots of travelers.

Camino de Santiago in October

Weather much more pleasant now. Crowds dying away.

Camino de Santiago in November

Quite cold on some parts of the walk. Very few people walking.

Camino de Santiago in December

Cold and extreme conditions possible. Not a good time to walk.

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