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Bus & Train Tickets in Spain

Transport practicalities for travel in Spain


Renfe UME Barcelona Airport  Renfe UME Barcelona Airport
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On this page you will find details of how to book a bus or train ticket in Spain. If you plan on traveling around Spain and you don't plan on taking an internal flight you'll need some wheels! You could rent a car in Spain but if you'd prefer to leave the driving to someone else, you'll need a bus or a train.

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Buying Bus and Tickets in Spain - Quick Start

You can get most train and bus tickets from one of the following two sites:

Buying Bus and Tickets in Spain - More Details

But before you visit these sites, there a couple of things worth noting:

  1. Many have reported problems with payment on Movelia.es. The best thing to do is to use Movelia to find which bus company you'll need and then book on the bus company's own site.
  2. Rail Europe allows you to book trains from the main train company, Renfe, which runs most trains in Spain, but there are some exceptions, where you'll need to visit a different site:
    • Local services from most big cities are run by Cercanias Renfe.
    • Things get even more complicated in East Spain and North Spain where there are a number of private train companies. (again, mainly - but not exclusively - local services)

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Bus and Train Tickets in Spain - Which to Get?

Three things will dictate whether you take the bus or the train in Spain - how easy it is to get tickets, the price of the tickets and the length of the journey.

Buses are generally speaking a lot cheaper than the train, but journey times are often a lot longer. But not always! Read more about Bus Travel vs Train Travel in Spain before

If time is of the essence, you should consider taking the AVE High Speed Trains in Spain. Especially useful is the Madrid to Seville or Madrid to Barcelona route, which covers 500km in 2h30.

Buy AVE High-Speed Train Tickets

Spain's bus network reaches more of the country than the trains, but most of Spain's biggest cities are now well connected by both bus and train.

If you're starting from Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, these links will help you decide whether to travel by bus or train.

Further Reading

Map of Train Routes in Spain

Rail Passes in Spain
If you plan on making a lot of journeys by train, a rail pass may be your best option. But do your research - these passes can work out more expensive than buying the tickets individually.

Booking Your Bus & Train Tickets in Person

You can of course book your bus and train tickets directly from the bus and train stations. Most cities only have one bus station and one train station, but in the case of Madrid and Barcelona (and Seville too when it comes to buses) you'll need to know which station to go to.

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